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Which element in WSDL identifies whether a service is asynchronous on the server side or not? I am using WCF to write an asynchronous web service. Although I followed the usual pattern in WCF for async services via Begin and End methods and the AsyncPattern=true attribute, its wsdl file does not have an element that denotes that the service is asynchronous on the server side. Don't the consuming clients have to know whether the service is async on the server side or not? Hence shouldn't there be an element in the wsdl to tell the client the same?

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Even if the service is synchronous a client can fake it as asynchronous by using the begin and end pattern like most silver light clients do. –  parapura rajkumar Jul 21 '12 at 17:09
This is not a duplicate since the other question is not specific about the service wsdl like this one is. In my case it seems the client cannot issue an async call since the consumer is Oracle EBS and it's admin says that it will determine whether the service is asynchronous or not based on its wsdl. Hence the question. Can we find out from the wsdl whether the server side implementation is asyc or not? –  Harindaka Jul 22 '12 at 10:29

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