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I'm using DotNetOpenAuth (http://dotnetopenauth.net/) library to authenticate at linkedIn.com. I develop a desktop application and now I'm a little confused. I'm unaware if it's possible to authenticate using a desktop application.

Does anybody know? If it's possible please show me how to do that.

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Yes, it depends on how you want to approach it, but maybe looking at the DesktopConsumer class in the API might point you in the right direction: http://docs.dotnetopenauth.net/v3.4/html/T_DotNetOpenAuth_OAuth_DesktopConsumer.htm

One example usage as a desktop app is detailed here: http://developer.yahoo.com/forum/Fantasy-Sports-API/Authenticating-with-NET-using-DotNetOpenAuth/1279209867000-4eee22f1-25fd-3589-9115-1a835add3212

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