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In this code, it should change the quantity, but its not changing. its always setting the value '1'.

  $quantity = settype($_POST["quantity"], "integer");
  $quantity = 1;

$item_price = 5.99;
printf("%d x item = $%.2f", 
        $quantity, $quantity * $item_price);
Update quantity:
<INPUT NAME="quantity" SIZE=2 
 VALUE="<?php echo $quantity;?>">
<INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Change quantity">
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settype is used to set type of variable, it returns bool value indicating success or failure. You need to assign $_POST value to $quantity (with type cast), try this:

if(isset($_POST["quantity"])) {
  $quantity = (int)$_POST["quantity"];
} else {
  $quantity = 1;

// or
$quantity = isset($_POST["quantity"]) ? (int)$_POST["quantity"] : 1;
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Try with

      $quantity = intval($_POST["quantity"]);
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