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Kernel version: 2.6.32-042stab057.1

rpm -qa | grep -i kernel result:


when i send the command make i get this error:

You do not appear to have the sources for the 2.6.32-042stab057.1 kernel installed.

OS: Centos 6.3 Final

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I am not very familiar with OpenVZ, but from your provided information, looks like you don't have kernel source. You have kernel-devel and kernel-headers, but not the kernel itself.

You may download kernel here: http://download.openvz.org/kernel/branches/rhel6-2.6.32/042stab057.1/vzkernel-2.6.32-042stab057.1.i686.rpm

And then: rpm -ivh vzkernel-2.6.32-042stab057.1.i686.rpm

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I had the same issue compiling it on my new VPS. I was able to get it all to install from the files found at http://wiki.openvz.org/Download/kernel/rhel6/042stab057.1 Download/install those RPMs and you'll be good to go.

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You need

  1. have access to main node, compile asterisk on it

  2. forward dahdi device to container(via container config)

  3. copy from main node kernel-devel package, compile dahdi in container.

Read this


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