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following is the code that i used to alter my table but my app is crashing.

I have create this dbupdateadapter class separately. the records are being added, but the column is not added to the same table

public class dbupdateadapter {
    public static final String TABLE_MEMBERID="memberid";

    private static final String DATABASE_NAME="myfemmefab.db";
    private static final String TABLE_NAME="registeration";
    private static final int DATABASE_VERSION=2;

    private static final String DATABASE_UPDATE="ALTER TABLE registeration ADD COLUMN(memberid TEXT);";

    private static Context context1;

    private dbhelper1 helper1;
    private SQLiteDatabase sdb1;

    public dbupdateadapter(Context con){
helper1=new dbhelper1(context1);
public class dbhelper1 extends SQLiteOpenHelper{
 public dbhelper1(Context context){
 public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase sdb1){
    public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase sdb1,int oldver,int newver){
        //android.util.Log.w("constants", "upgrading database will destroy the old data");

 public dbupdateadapter open() throws SQLException{
 return this;
void insertcoldata (String memberid){
 ContentValues cv1=new ContentValues();
 cv1.put(TABLE_MEMBERID, memberid);
 sdb1.insert(TABLE_NAME, null, cv1);
public void close(){
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You should know that in

public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db ){ ... }

you should create your tables and populate them with some initial values and you didn't create table in your snippet of code.

for upgrating your tables you should use

public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase db, int oldVersion, int newVersion) { ... }

Exactly from docs:

Called when the database needs to be upgraded. The implementation should use this method to drop tables, add tables, or do anything else it needs to upgrade to the new schema version.

Also have look at

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Use "ALTER TABLE registeration ADD memberid TEXT;"; or "ALTER TABLE registeration ADD COLUMN memberid TEXT;"; You have an error in syntax.

Where are you creating yout table? You are executing DATABASE_UPDATE in your onCreate().

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