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if($line =~ /^HWI.*/)
    my @fields=split ":",$line;
    $id= $fields[5].":".$fields[6];
    print $fields[5]," ",$fields[6]; <>;
    $id =~ s/\s+//;
    $hash1{$id}.= $line;

hi all this is the script that is supposed to print only 5th and 6th fields seperated by ':'

My input is something like this:

HWI-1KL120:99:C0C9MACXX:6:1101:2105:2123    0   chr5    75483987    0   82M3I16M    *   0   0

i want only 2105 2123 i,e 5th and 6th fields but this is printing entire line starting from 2105 2123

How to get only those fields?

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Try this instead.

my @fields = split /[:\s]/, $line;
$id = qq{$fields[5]:$fields[6]};
print "$fields[5] $fields[6]";
$hash1{$id} = $line;

This splits on : and on whitespace, therefore separating field entry #6 (if this is feasibly in your problem).

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As others have said, the problem is that you are splitting on colons and not on whitespace.

Instead of using split, find all the sequences of characters that are neither colons nor whitespace like this

  my @fields = $line =~ /([^:\s]+)/g;

The rest of your program should work OK, although the line $id =~ s/\s+// removing whitespace from $id is unnecessary, and I am troubled by the stray <> at the end of the print statement. This will read and throw away the next line from the file, which I presume it is deliberate, but it should be on a line on its own and not hidden away like that where it could easily be missed.

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split on white-space or a colon like this:

perl -le '$line=qq(HWI-1KL120:99:C0C9MACXX:6:1101:2105:2123 0 chr5 75483987 0 82M3I16M * 0 0);@F=split /[\s:]/,$line;print join q( ),$F[5],$F[6]'
2105 2123
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You're splitting the line on colons, and there's no colon after 2123 so $fields[6] (the seventh field, remember indexes are zero based) is 2123 0 chr5 75483987 0 82M3I16M * 0 0.

You might be better off doing it all in the initial regular expression:

if($line =~ /^HWI[^:]*:[^:]*:[^:]*:[^:]*:[^:]*:(([^:]*):(\S*))/) {
  $id = $1;
  $id =~ s/\s+//;
  $hash{$id} = $line;
  print "$2 $3", <>;
} else {
  $hash{$id} .= $line;
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my @fields=split /:|\s+/, $line;
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