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Im declaring from a big list of custom, multiple level, objects (here called venueCounter) a simple array of custom objects, with just the information needed for filling a list. I do this because its easier to sort my list and create sections in my list.

But when i try it i get a nullpointerexception. I think that is very weird, because when i tried to fill a stringArray it worked fine. Here is my code that fails:

 ListData ld[]= new ListData[venueCounter.size()];
     int selectedPic;
     JJsonResponse e;
     for(int i=0;i < venueCounter.size() ;i++){
         selectedPic = 0;
         e = venueCounter.get(i);
         ld[i]= null;//           data in listdata object   
         // foto uitkiezien
         if (e.venue.venue_photos.isEmpty() == false){ // there is a picture
            for(int j=0; j < e.venue.venue_photos.size() ;j++){ // use user selected picture
                 if(e.venue.venue_photos.get(j).selected == true){ 
                     selectedPic = j;
             ld[i].photoUrl="url for when there is no url";

         Log.i("url nr. " + String.valueOf(i), ld[i].photoUrl);

and the line with the error is:


But the strange thing is, that when i declare a string array and fill it just the same:

String name[]=new String[venueCounter.size()];

and further in the code


everything just works fine! But i want this array of listdata, so i can put it in my adapter and just work with it. Does anyone knows why my code fails and what im doing wrong?

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I think the main problem here is the line with

 ld[i]= null;

If you make it null it wont be able to save any data. You should do a new ListData()... instead of the null.

It works with Strings because whenever you make a string equal to another, java creates the new object and so on.

Hope I have explained it correctly.

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You are right! Thank you. I thought that i would create a new (empty) field in my array, and than fill it up in the next lines. – Jasper Jul 21 '12 at 14:13

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