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I am working on a project based on random forest. I saw one ppt (Rec08_Oct21.ppt)( regarding random forest creation. I wanted to ask a question. After scanning through the randomly selected features and their Information gain value, we select the feature with the max value of IG for feature j. Then, how do we split using this information? How do we proceed after this?

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let X be a R x M matrix, R-datapoints and M-attributes and Y with R elements which contains the output class of each datapoint.

j* = *argmaxj* **IG** j //(this is the splitting attribute we'll use)

max value of IG can come from either Categorical(text-based) or Real(number-based) attribute.

---> if its coming from a categorical attribute(j): for each value v in jth attribute, we'll define a new matrix, now taking X v and Y v as the input derive a childtree.

Xv=subset of all the rows of X in which Xij = v;
Yv = corresponding subset of Y values;
Child v = LearnTree(Xv,Yv );

PS: Number of child trees will be same as the number of unique value v's in the jth attribute

--->if its coming from real valued attribute(j) : we nee to findout the best split thershold

PS:thershold value t is the same value that provides max IG value for that attribute

define IG(Y|X:t) as H(Y) - H(Y|X:t)
define H(Y|X:t) = H(Y|X<t) P(X<t) + H(Y|X>=t) P(X>=t)
define IG*(Y|X) = maxt IG(Y|X:t)

we'll be splitting over this t value, we then define two ChildTrees by defining two new pairts of X t and Y t

X_lo = subset of all the rows whose Xij < t
Y_lo = corresponding subset Y values
Child_lo = LearnTree(X_lo,Y_lo)

X_hi = subset of all the rows whose Xij >t
Y_hi = corresponding subset Y values
Child_hi = LearnTree(X_hi,Y_hi)

after splitting is done, the data is then classfied

for more info go here!

hope i answered your question.

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I upvoted for the general treatment. but the 'go here' link is broken. – javadba Jul 12 '13 at 5:12
use this link you can also have a look at my java implementation here – CrazyIITian Jul 16 '13 at 11:22

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