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I'm trying to extract a witness from a coq proposition (or something like that...).

I have something that goes like

Parameter atom_fresh_for_list :
    forall (xs : list atom), {x : atom | ~ List.In x xs}.

(Which is proven afterward, with an explicit type for atom :

Lemma atom_fresh_for_list :
    forall (xs : list nat), { n : nat | ~ List.In n xs }.

How do I extract such an x ? The Documentation says

From such a (exist x p) we may in turn extract its witness x:A (using an elimination construct such as match)

but i don't get how this works....

It also says

Given A:Type and P:A->Prop, the construct {x:A | P x} is a Type

But if i try something like Parameter C : {x : atom | x \notin xs}, it gives

Error: The term "C" has type "{x : atom | x \notin xs}" which should be Set, Prop or Type.
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This is explained quite well in: http://coq.inria.fr/stdlib/Coq.Init.Specif.html

Under the paragraph "Projections of sig". (Note that there is a typo in that paragraph: https://coq.inria.fr/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=2767 )

What you want is called proj1_sig I believe. You can see how it's defined in the documentation.

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Thank you I'll look this up ! – user1179115 Jul 24 '12 at 11:38

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