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Is it possible to add buttons, or to draw inside the handle of an NSSplitter ?

I don't only want to draw over the control like it's done in XCode (for errors handling, see second image); I also want to add features to the split view. For example, in this case, I would like the double arrow to swap the two views.

A mockup of my idea

An line draw in the scroll bar

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Subclass NSSplitView and override drawDividerInRect: and dividerThickness to create the illusion that you want, and adjustSubviews to relocate any custom clickable views that you put at the same location.

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Do you have any specifics on what to do in adjustSubviews to relocate the clickable views? Although it's being called, I don't see any changes in my UI. –  Bob Vork Oct 12 '12 at 15:06

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