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I'm confused...

I have installed a new gem file which packages a bunch of js (rails-fullcalendar).

I now want to use this gem. So I added some

<div id='calendar'></div>

which I use with some js in my application


Problem is, it won't work since I don't have the proper js files. I added js includes in my layout like this:

<%= javascript_include_tag "fullcalendar.js" %>

But that makes little sense. There is no fullcalendar.js in my assets so the browser complains about missing js files. Where are theses js in the gem file? How do I include js from this gem file?

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For a beginner, this was not obvious. Not even sure this is the best answer.

First, in your application.js add js from the gem:

= require fullcalendar

Then, in aplication.css add the css from the gems like this:

*= require fullcalendar
*= require fullcalendar.print

This file generates a CSS automatically when you start the server. So don't forget to RESTART THE SERVER (I didn't know I had to, so I cursed my computer many many times).

Life is wonderful once more!

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