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My code is not giving me the right output. It reads numbers from a text file, converts them to an integer value and performs some multiplication on them. But the the products that method findProduct() gives me are wrong, so I think I am using the Integer.parseInt() method incorrectly.

I guess what is throwing me off is that It is trying to tell me the product of 96086x67017=2144428166, When checking on my calculator it is around 643939395462.

 * Find the greatest product of five consecutive digits in the 1000-digit number.


this text file is in Project_8.txt

// Import the scanner class that is used for reading the text file
import java.util.*;

public class Project_8 {

// Data members================================
// Object used to read the text file
private Scanner scanner;

// Public Methods==============================
// Points the scaaner object in the direction of the text file. Outputs an error if file is not found
public void openFile(){

        // Note the whole file's path is required
        scanner = new Scanner(new File("/Users/nicolematthews/Desktop/Tim/Java WORKSPACE/Project_Euler/src/Project_8.txt"));

    }catch(Exception e){

        System.out.println("Could not find the File. Check file's address");


public String readFile(){

    // Instantiating the scanner for user input ruins its application for reading files
    //scanner = new Scanner(;

    // Method looks the text file and adds each line of the text to the String sequence.
    // the Method returns sequence

        String sequence = "";

        // While the scanner has more data to read

            sequence = sequence +;


    return sequence;

// This method simply closes the scanner object
public void closeFile(){


public int findProduct(String sequence){

    int highestProduct = 0;

    for(int i = 0; i < ( sequence.length() - 10 ); i++){

        // Extract adjacent 5 digit strings which will be converted to integers
        String num1 = sequence.substring(i, i + 5);

        String num2 = sequence.substring(i + 5, i + 10);

        if( Integer.parseInt(num1)*Integer.parseInt(num2) > highestProduct ){

            highestProduct = Integer.parseInt(num1)*Integer.parseInt(num2);




    return highestProduct;


// Main Method =========================================
public static void main(String args[] ) throws IOException{

    Project_8 object = new Project_8();


    String Sequence = object.readFile();


    System.out.printf("%d Is the highest product of five consecutive \n" +
            "digits in the 1000-digit number.", object.findProduct(Sequence));

    // Finally, close the file when we are done with it.
    /* Find the greatest product of five consecutive digits in the 1000-digit number



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Could you edit your question to provide an example of the input you give it, the output you actually get, and the output that you expected? – Oliver Charlesworth Jul 21 '12 at 16:32
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Your sequence index i is only advancing by 1 for each iteration, i++, but you consume 10 characters on each iteration. You've indicated that this is your intent.

You'll overflow a java int with many of the 5-digit sub-sequences from your data. For instance, your second product will be 31671 * 76531 = 2423813301. This is larget than Integer.MAX_INT: 2^31 - 1.

Changing the findProduct method to use long and Long.parseLong() will fix this.

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My intention was to only increment by one and to account for all possible 5 digit numbers. But i like the idea of adding more Exception Handling – Cactus BAMF Jul 21 '12 at 16:43
THANKS!! i'd vote you up but I cannot – Cactus BAMF Jul 21 '12 at 17:17
@user1542903 maybe you can't vote up but you can mark this post as answer. – Luiggi Mendoza Jul 21 '12 at 17:39

I think the problem is caused by the number extractor part of the code, are all the numbers exactly 5 characters long? If that is not the case, your code won't work well because your code expects it to be 5 characters long. If there are spaces inside, Integer.parseInt() will complain unless you call trim on it, which you have not done.

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Your if statement does too much all at once:

if( Integer.parseInt(num1)*Integer.parseInt(num2) > highestProduct ){ 

You should break this up to assign each int value to a separate variable. That way you can print these values to see if they are the correct one. Also, it will allow you to remove the rpeated calls to Integer.parseInt() in the next line.

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