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To play the go game, I went to to start the client with Java Web Start. Essentially, it is a .jnlp file that can automatically update the client.

It is cool. Still, I am wondering how I can fetch the underlying .jar file from this .jnlp file. I checked my local java 6.0 cache directory, and didn't find any .jar file over there.

Anybody knows how to get a stand-alone version of this cgoban client?

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JNLP is just an XML file. You can just open the .jnlp file and it will tell you where the .jar file is located.

<jnlp codebase="" href="javaBin/cgoban.jnlp">
    <jar href="javaBin/cgoban.jar" main="true"/>

The relevant attributes are the jnlp[codebase] and the jar[href].

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Actually, I am using the alternative URL:, because I don't want to associate SGF files to this program (having another exclusive SGF viewer/editor). When I open this cgoban-nfa.jnlp, I couldn't find the similar line. – Qiang Xu Jul 21 '12 at 17:18
Found it. It is at the 6-th line from the tail. I was looking for the file from the head of the file. Sorry about that. – Qiang Xu Jul 21 '12 at 17:23

If you open jnlp file in text editor there is a link to jar file. In your case it is:

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Thanks, it is great to get this stand-alone client to play on KGS, :P – Qiang Xu Jul 21 '12 at 17:24

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