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I'm following the information here:

Please take a look at my log component on my dev machine configuration file:

                        'levels'=>'error, warning, trace, info, profile',
                        'levels'=>'error, warning, trace, info, profile',

Using CProfileLogRoute is of any use JUST AND ONLY IF we place something like this on our application code:

...code block being profiled...


IF the only purpose is to measure the speed, then what does those levels

'error, warning, trace, info, private'

really mean on this context ?

Thanks a lot in advance, MEM

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Looks like those are remnants from CLogRoute (a parent class) that are unused in the code:

The only variable I tend to set got CProfileLogRoute is 'report':

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Thanks. That makes sense. I will remove all the others and have only report there as well. Or better yet, don't declared at all. And leave only the class definition. – MEM Jul 22 '12 at 12:00

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