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I'm in the process of writing a blogging software, as a learning excercise. Everything is going well, except I'm not sure how to create user-fieldly, SEO friendly URLs.

For instance:


should be something more user friendly:


I did look around, but couldn't find anything helpful. I want to create a permanent url and people can share and link to on otehr websites. On existing blog applications, it is referred to as "slug", I believe. But, I'm not sure how it works in Asp.Net.

Many Thanks!

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Use URL routing in ASP.Net 4. For .Net 3.5 and lower the solutions are limited and more complicated, especially with IIS 6 because of how it handles extensionless requests.


But you'd have to change ID to name and make it distinct. Also be careful of / slipping into it.

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Check out the IIS7 URLRewrite module.

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