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I'm making a fitness logbook where indoor rowers can log there results. To make it interesting and motivating I'm implementing an achievement system. I like to have an achievement that if someone rows more than 90 times within 24 weeks they get that achievement.

Does anybody have some hints in how i can implement this in MYSQL. The mysql-table for the logbook is pretty straightforward: id, userid, date (timestamp),etc (rest is omitted because it doesn't really matter)

The jist is that the first rowdate and the last one can't exceed the 24 weeks.

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This question is very hard to implement in mysql. Am I correct to assume, the 24weeks is the duration given from the 1st time of row ... until the 90th time of row? – ajreal Jul 21 '12 at 18:09
Yes i would like it to arbitrary but i agree with you that it would be hard to implement. On the other hand the achievements are checked after submitting a new logentry. I could just calculate if in the preceding 90 logs are actually in those 24 weeks. – Gerben Wiersma Jul 22 '12 at 16:58
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I assume from your application that you want the most recent 24 weeks.

In mysql, you do this as:

select lb.userid
from logbook lb
where datediff(now(), >= 7*24
group by userid
having count(*) >= 90

If you need it for an arbitrary 24-week period, can you modify the question?

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Just do a sql query to count the number of rows a user has between now and 24 weeks ago. This is a pretty straight forward query to run.

Look at using something with datediff in mysql to get the difference between now and 24 weeks ago.

After you have a script set up to do this, set up a cron job to run either every day or every week and do some automation on this.

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I think you should create a table achievers which you populate with the achievers of each day. You can set a recurrent(daily, right before midnight) event in which you run a query like this:

 delete from achievers;

 insert into achievers (
 select userid
 from logbook
 where  date < currenttimestamp and date > currenttimestamp - 24weeks
 group by userid 
 having count(*) >= 90

For events in mysql:

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This query will give you the list of users total activity in 24 weeks

   select * from table groupby userid where  `date` BETWEEN DATE_SUB( CURDATE( ) ,INTERVAL 168 DAY ) AND CURDATE( ) having count(id) >= 90
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