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I have a main window with a grid layout and have 8 buttons in 2 rows.

|                     | 
| 1     2     3     4 |
|                     | 
|                     |
| 5     6     7     8 |
|                     |

I'm trying to show a popup dialog next to the button that was clicked. So, I'm trying to get the coordinates of the button in the slot connected to clicked() signal.

I have tried

QPoint p = btn->pos();


QPoint p = btn->geometry().topLeft();

and both are (0, 0) for some reason. How can I obtain the position of the button that was clicked in this slot?


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I think you need to map the position of the button relative to the parent window.


Translates the widget coordinate pos to the coordinate system of parent. The parent must not be 0 and must be a parent of the calling widget.

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