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While trying to setup a synchronization for a bitbucket repo on my local server, I am getting the error not a git repo. Below is the command which I fired:

$ git --git-dir=~/gitRepo/my_repo.git remote add origin
fatal: Not a git repository: '~/gitRepo/my_repo.git'

Even I tried to init the repo (as previously I was not doing that) but still same error I got. Below are the steps which I followed after looking tutorials on Git (as I am new to Git so sorry if I ask very basic question)

$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in ~/gitRepo/my_repo/.git/
$ git --git-dir=~/gitRepo/my_repo remote add origin
fatal: Not a git repository: '~/gitRepo/my_repo'

Is something I am missing. Basically I am trying to setup a sync of Redmine with BitBucket and this is one of the steps required.

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Try omitting the --git-dir argument, just running the command from the my_repo directory. – Isaac Jul 21 '12 at 19:58
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If you didn't initialize the repo when doing your first command, then the error message is normal: you need to create a repo before adding it any remote.

As for your second error message: If you are in the git repo directory itself (which you are after a git init), then, as Issac comments, you don't need a --git-dir parameter.
But if you still want to add an --git-dir argument, then the path referenced by a --git-dir for a non-bare repo must ends in /.git (like you did in your first command).

Even after creating a git repo in ~/gitRepo/my_repo:

  • ~/gitRepo/my_repo is not a git repo
  • ~/gitRepo/my_repo/.git is
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