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Say I have the following generated Entity Framework POCO class:

public partial class Foo
    #region Primitive Properties

    public virtual long Id { get; set; }


And I subclass it:

public class SubclassedFoo : Foo
    public override long Id
        get { return base.Id; }
        set { base.Id = value; }

How can the ObjectContext retrieve SubclassedFoo objects rather than Foo objects?

For example, what can I use instead of this?

ObservableCollection<Foo> foos = context.Foos

as in:

ObservableCollection<SubclassedFoo> subclassedFoos = context.???
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Not related to your question, but Entity Framework doesn't always play nice with overridden properties. If you get problems with that (even if you don't have problems with it right now), you can change Id to a nonvirtual property that calls virtual getId() and setId() methods, and only override those methods in the derived class. – hvd Jul 21 '12 at 18:49

Filter with OfType<SubclassedFoo>:

List<SubclassedFoo> subclassedFoos = context.Foos

Or if you really want an ObservableCollection:

ObservableCollection<SubclassedFoo> subclassedFoos =
    new ObservableCollection<SubclassedFoo>(context.Foos
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