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I have this:

cmbConnections.DisplayMember = "Name";
cmbConnections.ValueMember = "Index";
cmbConnections.DataSource = DBConnectionSettings.ConnectionList;

All Ok!

Now add new item to list:

DBConnectionSettings.Connection c = new DBConnectionSettings.Connection();
c.Name = reply;
c.Index = DBConnectionSettings.ConnectionList.Count + 1;

I now want to show this new item in the comboxbox as the selected item. Setting the text of the combobox fails.


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Why are you doing Count + 1, I thought Count would be 1 base at least so if anything it'd be Count -1. – Henry B Jul 21 '09 at 14:32
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Try putting a BindingSource between your DataSource and the ComboBox. After you've added your new item, call myBindingSource.ResetBindings(false); and then you will either set the Position property of myBindingSource or the SelectedValue property of the ComboBox.

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You have set the ValueMember of your combobox to "Index", which means you can select a value in the combobox by setting ComboBox.SelectedValue to the index of your item. I.e.:

cmbConnections.SelectedValue = c.Index;
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That throws an exception, cannot set SelectedValue to 0 – Jon Jul 21 '09 at 15:09

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