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i have two mysql queries the first one is

SELECT  `first_name` ,  `last_name` ,  `email` ,  `mobile`
FROM  `member_master` 
WHERE  `id` = $member_id  AND  `dob` =  $date

and second one is

SELECT  `email` 
FROM  `member_master`
WHERE  `id` = $member_id  AND  `dob` !=  $date

need to merge this 2 queries in one single query how is that possible ?

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with mysql_query you can't actually execute 2 queries at once – Stoia Alex Jul 21 '12 at 19:07

if you really want two separate results with one callout, I suppose you could issue a UNION with flag (result_id) and nulls where the second result has no columns:

select * from
SELECT 1 as result_id
 , first_name 
 , last_name
 , email
 , mobile
FROM member_master
WHERE id = $member_id AND dob = $date


SELECT 2 as result_id
 , null
 , null
 , email
 , null
FROM member_master
WHERE id = $member_id AND dob != $date
) my_result
order by result_id

that way you can identify the appropriate set.

EDIT: added the outer select so that we can order by our "flag" column, so we can deal with one set at a time. But you will stil have two sets within one result, which have to parsed.

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how to fetch using mysql_fetch_array ? both the result in different variables. – user1110597 Jul 21 '12 at 19:19
if you read the two sqls again, you will find out ... is a select all after all – ajreal Jul 21 '12 at 19:24

Well being the same table you can use an OR statement like this (the only problem is that all records will contain first_name , last_name etc ):

 SELECT  `first_name` ,  `last_name` ,  `email` ,  `mobile`
                   FROM  `member_master` WHERE  (`id` = $member_id  AND  `dob` =  $date ) or ( `id` = $member_id  AND  `dob` !=  $date)
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thanks..but i need both the queries. i need the information of the person whose dob = $date and even of those who are != $date. but in a way where i can send emails to who are != $date in a single while loop. so basicaly i want to loop both information array in single while loop. – user1110597 Jul 21 '12 at 19:11

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