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How do I convert the integer value "45" into the string value "45" in Excel VBA?

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cstr(45) I think is all you need (convert string)

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Try the CStr() function

Dim myVal as String;
Dim myNum as Integer;

myVal = "My number is:"
myVal = myVal & CStr(myNum);
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Most times, you won't need to "convert"; VBA will do safe implicit type conversion for you, without the use of converters like CStr.

The below code works without any issues, because the variable is of Type String, and implicit type conversion is done for you automatically!

Dim myVal As String
Dim myNum As Integer

myVal = "My number is: "
myVal = myVal & myNum


"My number is: 0"

You don't even have to get that fancy, this works too:

Dim myString as String
myString = 77


The only time you WILL need to convert is when the variable Type is ambiguous (e.g., Type Variant, or a Cell's Value (which is Variant)).

Even then, you wont have to use CStr function if you're compounding with another String variable or constant. Like this:

Sheet1.Range("A1").Value = "My favorite number is " & 7

"My favorite number is 7"

So, really, the only rare case is when you really want to store an integer value, into a variant or Cell value, when not also compounding with another string (which is a pretty rare side case, I might add):

Dim i as Integer
i = 7
Sheet1.Range("A1").Value = i


Dim i as Integer
i = 7
Sheet1.Range("A1").Value = CStr(i)


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I don't understand why this answer doesn't have more votes, given it is true. It is worth noting that type conversion is not always carried out, it depends on the operator in use. For example the + operation will not always widen an integer to a string. – Mark Ch Nov 11 '15 at 11:46

In my case, the function CString was not found. But adding a empty string to the value works, too.

Dim Test As Integer, Test2 As Variant
Test = 10
Test2 = Test & ""
//Test2 is now "10" not 10
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