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i want to be able to record actions a logged in user does... persist / updates etc

i have set up discriminators etc and it works perfect however, it only records on all new persisted data... so i have info on a table called user_actions, 1 - Added a new customer, 2 - Added a new memo etc

however, it doesnt record any updates to entities on my db... such as 1 - Updated user - id 1 ...

i am thinking of dumping the discriminator superclass and use a the old way to record,,,... like create a table with the fields: id | action type | description | user ID | date

im not sure, what is the best way to log all transactions in doctrine 2.1?


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Have you consider of HasLifecycleCallbacks? You can track not only PostPersist but also PostUpdate and PostRemove(or even Pre*)

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yes, i have them but what will i do to record them... isnt there an extention like loggable or something? i want the best efficient way to store these actions.. i can always result to creating a table called actions and dumping them into there but there must be an efficient and better way. –  dean jase Jul 22 '12 at 7:50
ok I see. I have no clue other than the idea you have creating actions table. I would do either record all actions by LifecycleCallbacks or DB triggers. I haven't seen any extension or something that does it sorry. It sounds tough to be an extension since any service may have customized actions and DB structure, in my opinion –  mask8 Jul 22 '12 at 13:52

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