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i am using rails for my current project and am making a landing page for IE5-7 users stating we are not currently supporting for now. ( will be working on getting this done).

I am using a _shared Navabr for all my pages but obviously want to hide this for the landing IE landing page only. Is there a way to ignore this for just the one page, either CSS or javascript. I’ve tried playing with the css to display:none for the navbar ( its twitter bootstrap) but no joy as yet

Is there anything I can do in the controller using the render option?

Anyone come across this before

Any help appreciated

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Solved this one. thought I would share it

It layouts/application place this above the header

 <% unless current_page?(:controller => 'public_pages', :action => 'internetex7')  %>

then place

   <% end %>

just before the

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