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I just started working with prestashop/PHP and I am trying to create a horizontal navigation module. I am running into a problem displaying unique categories with their associated subcategories. I have duplicate values. I would like e.g., Category 5 maps to subcategories 6,7.

Here is example output when I dump the array to the screen:

array(4) { [0]=> string(1) "5" [1]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(15) "Test Category 2" } [2]=> string(1) "5" [3]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(13) "Test Category" } } array(3) { [0]=> string(1) "6" [1]=> string(4) "test" [2]=> string(1) "5" }

This is my code in the module:

 public function hookNavigation($params)
    global $smarty;
    $sql = "SELECT DISTINCT c.id_category parent, c2.id_category child, l.name,       l.link_rewrite
 FROM "._DB_PREFIX_."category c
 LEFT OUTER JOIN "._DB_PREFIX_."category c2 ON c.id_category = c2.id_parent
 INNER JOIN "._DB_PREFIX_."category_lang l ON c.id_category = l.id_category
 WHERE c.id_category <>1
 AND c.active =1
 AND c.level_depth <2
 ORDER BY c.id_category ASC ";
    $test = array();
    $children = array();
    if($results = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->ExecuteS($sql))
        foreach ($results as $row) {
            if($row['child'] != NULL) {
                $sqlChild = "SELECT DISTINCT ps_category.id_category, name, link_rewrite
                            FROM ps_category
                            INNER JOIN ps_category_lang ON ps_category.id_category = ps_category_lang.id_category
                            WHERE ps_category.id_category=".$row['child'];
                $resultChild = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->ExecuteS($sqlChild);
                foreach ($resultChild as $childRow) {
                    array_push($children, $row['parent'], array($childRow['name']));

            } else {
                array_push($test, $row['parent'], array('test'));
    $sum = array_merge($test, $children);
    $output = iterator_to_array(new RecursiveIteratorIterator(
new RecursiveArrayIterator($sum)), FALSE);
    $smarty->assign('test', $output);
    return $this->display(__FILE__,'nav.tpl');

In the nav.tpl file I have the following:

 <h3>Code from the module...</h3>
    {foreach from=$test item=cat}
        {foreach from=$cat item=sub}
            {$sub} <br />
    {/foreach}<br />

This is what is outputted to the screen:

Code from the module...

6 6 test test 5 5 Test Category 2 Test Category 2 5 5 Test Category Test Category

I would appreciate any help/suggestions.

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Why don't you use the blockcategories module? It's included in Prestashop and makes exactly what you want –  romainberger Jul 22 '12 at 10:18
Think I am going to just buy a horizontal navigation module. I was mainly attempting this to learn how to make modules and avoid the cost. Thanks for the help. –  Brian Rosedale Jul 22 '12 at 16:47
IMO buying a module for that is useless, the blockcategories module already have all the PHP to get the infos, you just need to edit the css to make it horizontal –  romainberger Jul 24 '12 at 8:44

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