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I'm developing a new website with mobile support, and I want to try using "responsive design"/"adaptive design"/CSS media queries. I'm wondering if there's a recent report of mobile browsers that support media queries. If not, what is a reasonable approximation?

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All recent smartphones have support of MQ, at least with dimensions in px, not rem. None of of the very old mobiles support it. In between... So it depends of your needs, the country where live your users, etc –  FelipeAls Jul 21 '12 at 22:07

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I use this site all the time when I need to check out cross-browser support: caniuse.com This site says support for media queries (across all browsers) is at 78.37%

Support for mobile browsers is at 100%.

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OP asked for support on mobile browsers. 78.37% is the overall support, desktop and mobile. It's 100% for the browsers followed by caniuse.com (Android 2.1, iOS3.2, Opera M*) but that doesn't include tons of other browsers (Windows *, old versions of BlackBerry Bold, Samsung bada - MQ are OK with bada 1.1 - ,etc). Support on desktop is primarily important if you're going Mobile First and also for taking care of different resolutions. –  FelipeAls Jul 21 '12 at 21:56

About 80%. You don't need to worry about Android, Opera Mini and iOS, but then there's the other 20% with Bada, old Blackberry phones, Windows Mobile... So you should add a polyfill life respond.js which will be helpfull for desktop browsers than don't support media queries like IE8 and bellow.

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About 87.14% support and 0.01% partial support. See more: http://caniuse.com/css-mediaqueries

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