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I have a couple global variables that are being set to $(this) on mouseup of the small 1 or 2 buttons. Based on the comparison of the global variables on mouseup my code should do something. When I step through the code in Firebug, the variable gets set and then as I step through a couple more lines, I get the following:

ReferenceError: little_r is not defined.

I used an alert to see the value of the global and its always undefined. Why is the global variable not saving the value?

I have a demo here

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The reason little_r (etc.) are always null is because you've added little_r as a parameter to :

$('.small_r').on(mouseup, function(evt, little_r) {
    alert (little_r);
if (little_r == null) {

therefore creating a local variable. When you try to access little_r you're accessing the local (undefined) version.

I can't see what you're ultimately trying to achieve but your problem lies with local variables shadowing your global version

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