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I've downloaded django onto my system and tried importing it into eclipse. Eclipse keeps telling me after i direct it to the python interpreter that django is not there, which it most certainly is, felling this could be a quick fix, but thats how i've installed every other program.

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PyDev will statically resolve your interpreter's site-specific paths once you configure it. It means you'll have to reconfigure your interpreter every time your site's paths change, like installing a new package such as Django.

Here's what the Interpreter Configuration documentation says:

What if I add something new in my System PYTHONPATH after configuring [the interpreter]?

If you add something to your python installation, you need to either add it manually as a 'new folder' in the System PYTHONPATH (if it's still not under a folder in the PYTHONPATH) or (recommended) remove your interpreter and add it again, then, press apply.

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yeah, so basically how can i get python interpreter to recognise django – Spencer Hire Jul 22 '12 at 4:43
Either manually add it as a "new folder" in the System PYTHONPATH or remove the interpreter and add it again. – Filip Dupanović Jul 22 '12 at 12:31

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