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Using masked box in the form

masked1.mask = ##:##

In form load, masked1 display as __:__

Once user enter the values like 08:00 then reset means it should display again like this __:__

How to do this?

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How many times do I need to say that you don't need to put "Need vb6 code help"? It's already implied by asking a question with the [vb6] tag. –  Deanna Jul 22 '12 at 9:12

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To clear a MaskEditBox you set the Text property to an empty string, however when the PromptInclude property is True you'll get an error. I would suggest writing a Sub method that you can call when you want to clear it.

Private Sub ClearMaskedEditBox(ByVal vMaskEditBox As MaskEdBox)
Dim strMask As String

    strMask = vMaskEditBox.Mask  'save the current mask
    vMaskEditBox.Mask = ""       'clear the control's mask
    vMaskEditBox.Text = ""       'clear the text
    vMaskEditBox.Mask = strMask  'reset the mask

End Sub

To use you call the Sub with the MaskEditBox control you want to clear.

Call ClearMaskedEditBox(masked1)
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