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I am working on a c# asp. net web forms site with 5000 pages.

The pages are all over the place and some are using master pages and some are not.

I need to add a div to every page but I can't edit or upload every page as it is to much and to risky. The only constant is that the pages are all in the same site and all have code-behind.

I know how to intercept the html by overriding the render page event for one page/master page but how do I do this for many but in one place.

Is it possible that there a final render event for the entire site that I could access the html maybe calling it from a module and calling it from the web.config or maybe an event in the Global.asax?

Is there an Application event to intercept the html with?

thanks for the advice

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In this case you should just implement your own HttpModule :) Here is an example.

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