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I'm currently trying to build MyGUI and CMake is telling me that Cocoa and Carbon are missing

Configuring MYGUI 3.2.0 Looking for FREETYPE... Could NOT find PkgConfig (missing: PKG_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE) CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH: ~/Documents/SDK/OgreDependencies/;/Users/david/Documents/SDK/MyGUI_3.2.0/bin/Dependencies;/Users/david/Documents/SDK/MyGUI_3.2.0/Dependencies;/Users/david/Documents/SDK/MyGUI_3.2.0/bin/../Dependencies;/Users/david/Documents/SDK/MyGUI_3.2.0/../Dependencies;/usr/local Found FREETYPE: /usr/X11R6/lib/libfreetype.dylib Found OpenGL: /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework
Looking for OIS... Could NOT find PkgConfig (missing: PKG_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE) Found OIS: /Users/david/Documents/SDK/OgreDependencies/lib/release/libOIS.a Could NOT find Doxygen (missing: DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE) Looking for Carbon... Could NOT find PkgConfig (missing: PKG_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE) Could not locate Carbon Looking for Cocoa... Could NOT find PkgConfig (missing: PKG_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE) Could not locate Cocoa Looking for IOKit... Could NOT find PkgConfig (missing: PKG_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE) Could not locate IOKit CMake Error at CMake/Utils/MacroLogFeature.cmake:91 (MESSAGE):

-- The following REQUIRED packages could NOT be located on your system.

-- Please install them before continuing this software installation.

-- If you are in Windows, try passing -DMYGUI_DEPENDENCIES_DIR=

-- Also check that you buildind with RenderSystem that you need or set another with -DMYGUI_RENDERSYSTEM=<1 2 or 3 for Direct3D_9 OGRE or OpenGL>

Call Stack (most recent call first): CMake/Dependencies.cmake:108 (MACRO_DISPLAY_FEATURE_LOG) CMakeLists.txt:232 (include)

Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

Am I supposed to install them seperately from XCode?

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First of all, Cocoa and Carbon are base frameworks in OSX, no need to install anything except Xcode.

Your real problem seems to be that you are missing pkg-config on your system. pkg-config is a open source program that makes it easier to find other packages. I suggest that you install it using homebrew.

When you have installed homebrew you just have to run

brew install pkg-config

After that you can re-run the CMake script and you should probably have more luck. Just remember to delete the CMakeCache.txt file before you rerun.

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