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int RowCount; //This will be approx in the range 1,00,000
int[][] SourceJaggedArray;
int ColumnCount; //This is will be approx in the range 15 - 20

Currently I am populating value for all columns for each row which is very slow. But according to business logic, I know for atleast 5 columns all the values are -1 and for about 5 columns all the values are same (but comes from a variable).

Therefore I want to know is there an efficient way to populate jagged array by inserting an array to the particular column index:

SourceJaggedArray[][0] = firstColumnArray;
SourceJaggedArray[][1] = secondColumnArray;
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I guess not very efficient and not exactly what you want but...

1 option could be to do something like

int[][] SourceJaggedArray=new int[20][];

Then rotate your array jagged array if necessary(refer to C#, rotating 2D arrays)

2nd option which I like better, would be

List<int[]> source=new List<int[]>();
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