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The problem is simple. I have something like chessboard in HTML. The fields have coordinates, stored in ID attribute (ROW|COLUMN) Clicking on a specific field makes it marked/unmarked. What is more, selected field's row and column are stored in a <input type="hidden"/> in the form of ROW|COLUMN,ROW|COLUMN,...

For every click I have to process the value of input hidden to check whether the field is already stored, add new field, remove existing and so on. It's a little awkward. Are there any better ways? Or maybe it is the best way?:)

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is it possible not to do it on every click. but only when you r about to send the data to server, and collect the data once?? –  bingjie2680 Jul 22 '12 at 8:33
Well...maybe I could add a class to a selected field. And before sending form to server check which fields have this class. –  drv Jul 22 '12 at 8:50

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You don't have to store the fields state in an input field. Better use the a global JavaScript array or manipulate the DOM and serialize it's state before sending it to the server.

Here is some sample code in a JSFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/U2D9Q/

The important part is where the className of the columns

$td.bind("click", function(e) {

and how it's serialized when you click the button

var serialize_table = function() {
    var output = new Array();

    $("table tbody").children().each(function(y) {
        var row = new Array();

        $(this).children().each(function(x) {
            row[x] = $(this).get(0).className;

        output[y] = row;

    return output;

I used jQuery to keep the code clean. Feel free to use any JS Framework you like or write native JS.

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