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What is the difference between jQuery and JavaScript?

Hi everyone can you explain which one is more effective to use: JavaScript with AJAX or jQuery with AJAX? And give me some brief idea about difference between jQuery and JavaScript.


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jQuery is a framework built on top of JavaScript, so, even using JQuery you will be using JavaScript. –  Francisco Spaeth Jul 22 '12 at 8:30

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the most beneficial part about jQuery is cross browser syntaxes.

so for example if you would make an ajax request via javascript then you would have different syntax for IE and different syntax for webkits. handling it manually all by yourself could be a pain. in short jQuery eliminates all this by introducing one cross browser AJAX syntax.

jQuery is Javascript too, since jQuery is a framework built on top of javascript.

frameworks are good for Rapid Application Development. since you don't have to really bother about all the quirks of syntaxes, plus reusable codes.

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JQuery is a library for Javascript, so the question is whether you need the functionality in JQuery to write code using Ajax.
I would definitely recommend using JQuery, since it makes your life much easier.

Take a look at the JQuery Tutorials to get started.

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