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In the code below, I'm using the current date and time, with the help of which I am generating a file name. My problem is that it's giving me an output without leading zeros:

Dim strDateTime As String = DateTime.Now.Day.ToString() & "" & _ 
DateTime.Now.Month.ToString() & "" & DateTime.Now.Year.ToString() & "" & _ 
DateTime.Now.Hour.ToString() & "" & DateTime.Now.Minute.ToString() & "" & _
DateTime.Now.Second.ToString() & DateTime.Now.Millisecond.ToString()

For example, my query is giving output as below currently:

Assume time is 1:5:30 :: hh:mm:ss

Required output is: 01:05:30

How can I achieve this?

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Try this,

DateTime.Now.Hour.ToString("00") & ":" & DateTime.Now.Minute.ToString("00") & ":" & DateTime.Now.Second.ToString("00")


As suggested by 'mdb' in the answers, using Custom Date and Time Format Strings would be more efficient and cleaner

DateTime.Now.ToString("hh:mm:ss tt") '12 Hour format with AM/PM designator, Eg :- 09:01:01 PM
DateTime.Now.ToString("HH:mm:ss") '24 Hour format  Eg :- 21:01:01
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Instead of concatenating strings, which is highly inefficient, you'll want to use String.Format. This also supports Custom Date and Time Format Strings, which make it trivial to achieve what you want.

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