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I am trying to make dynamic product filtering for opencart in which user could add filters, assign them to categories and assign filter values for products.

Currently I Have these mysql tables:

  1. Filters - ID NAME
  2. Filters_categories - ID FILTER_ID CATEGORY_ID
  3. Filters_values - ID FILTER_ID VALUE
  4. Filters_products - ID FILTER_ID VALUE_ID PRODUCT_ID

The problem is with this structure that i can't get products when more than one filter is activated because i get MySQL query which looks something like this:

SELECT product_id FROM Filters_products WHERE ((name_id='1' OR name_id='2') AND filter_id='1') AND ((name_id='3' OR name_id='4') AND filter_id='2')

And it doesn't make any sense. I can't figure out how should i change my database structure to make dynamic filtering possible. How can I solve this situation? Thank you.

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SELECT product_id FROM Filters_products WHERE (screen_id='1' OR screen_id='2') and (connection_id='1')

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Thank you for your answer! But I need to use "AND". If Connection: 3g and Sreen Size: 2",3" are checked then i want to select products which has 3g connection and has 2" or 3" screen. –  user1481807 Jul 22 '12 at 10:15

in file /catalog/model/catalog/product.php find line nr. 91 and replace "if {}" block whit this code...

if (!empty($data['filter_category_id'])) {
        if (!empty($data['filter_sub_category'])) {
            $sql .= " AND cp.path_id = '" . (int)$data['filter_category_id'] . "'"; 
        } else {
            $sql .= " AND p2c.category_id = '" . (int)$data['filter_category_id'] . "'";            

        if (!empty($data['filter_filter'])) {
            $implode = array();

            $filters = explode(',', $data['filter_filter']);

            foreach ($filters as $filter_id) {

                $filterSQL = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM " . DB_PREFIX . "filter WHERE filter_id = ". $filter_id);

                $implode[$filterSQL->row['filter_group_id']][] = (int)$filter_id;


            foreach($implode AS $implode2) {

                $sql .= " AND (";
                     foreach($implode2 AS $filterID) {
                        $sql .= "(SELECT count(*) FROM product_filter WHERE product_filter.product_id=p.product_id AND product_filter.filter_id=$filterID) OR ";
                     $sql = substr($sql, 0, -4);
                $sql .= ")";

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Could you just explain what does this code do? –  Korcholis Jan 24 '13 at 22:35

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