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Hi there I am new to the windows phone development and I am trying to build a data driven application in which I have Created my BLL and EL and DAL ,which are all of windows phone class library type project. I have also an extra project of type class library in my solution in which I have added the Reference to "MyGeneration.dOOdads.dll" file . Now I want this project to be referenced in the windows phone app project.But when I try to add a reference ,The VS 2010 says...."Unable to add the selected project refernce.The project reference must be another silver light for windows phone project that is the same or the lower version ". . . . Kindly help me in this scenario. Thanks

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That can't and won't work. The phone runtime only has access to a timy subset (well, sort-of) of the full .NET libraries, so any non-phone-7 library is extremely unlikely to operate at all. To stop this surprising people, only libraries built against that runtime are allowed to be referenced.

If possible, create a new project with the same c# files, targeting the phone 7 framework. Now reference this project. It is quite likely that some bits will fail to compile (demonstrating the fact that it also wouldn't have run), which can be rectified in a number if ways (#if blocks, alternative .cs files, etc).

You might also have some luck by making the existing project a "portable class library" - this, however, is the most restrictive subset of all the common frameworks, and is even less likely to still compile (without changes).

Using the Portable Class Library project, you can build portable assemblies that work without modification on the .NET Framework, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, or Xbox 360 platforms.

(from MSDN)

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Thanks so much Marc Gravell. But could you please provide some more details on Portable Class Library projects and how to add some other projects references in these kinda libraries. Thanks –  SoftBuilders Pk Jul 22 '12 at 18:29
@SoftBuildersPk they are simply a restricted library that limits itself to the common intersection of the others mentioned. A portable class library can only reference things in the portable framework :) to create such, first install the Portable Library Tools pack for VS010 from MSDN (it is inbuilt into VS 11). You might need to recreate the csproj as a "Portable Class Library", but after that, you should be able to reference it from multiple project types. –  Marc Gravell Jul 22 '12 at 19:01
Not all of these assemblies are supported on all platforms. In a Portable Class Library project, you specify the platforms you want to target, and only the supported assemblies for those platforms are referenced in your project. If you try to reference an assembly that is not supported for the platforms you have targeted, Visual Studio warns you of the incompatibility.**(MSDN)** That is what I know because it makes sense as I am inserting the reference of a non WP7 class library to a WP7 project. Isn't there any way around to do the thing which I am wondering???? ;) Thanks –  SoftBuilders Pk Jul 23 '12 at 7:00
@SoftBuildersPk what is the thing you are trying to reference from the PCL? –  Marc Gravell Jul 23 '12 at 7:06
A non windows phone class library i.e. a simple class library that can be added in any ASP.NET site project. –  SoftBuilders Pk Jul 23 '12 at 7:25

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