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I'm working on an automated mechanism for our EBS volumes to be backed up on a daily basis.

Regarding that can you please tell me how to take backup of snapshots, how to move it to s3 and then how to take incremental back up?

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Your apparently haven't yet realized the full potential of Amazon EBS, insofar your requirements are mostly build in already, see sections Features of Amazon EBS volumes as well as Amazon EBS Snapshots:

Amazon EBS also provides the ability to create point-in-time snapshots of volumes, which are persisted to Amazon S3. These snapshots can be used as the starting point for new Amazon EBS volumes, and protect data for long-term durability. [...] [emphasis mine]


Amazon EBS provides the ability to back up point-in-time snapshots of your data to Amazon S3 for durable recovery. Amazon EBS snapshots are incremental backups, meaning that only the blocks on the device that have changed since your last snapshot will be saved. [...] [emphasis mine]

So you neither need to move EBS snapshots to S3 nor handle their incremental nature yourself and the only thing missing is the scheduled usage of the respective APIs, which can be achieved in one of the following two ways:

Good luck!


In fact it isn't even possible to access EBS snapshots in S3 outside of the aforementioned API, see the FAQ Will I be able to access my snapshots using the regular Amazon S3 APIs?:

No, snapshots are only available through the Amazon EC2 APIs.

You might want to review the other EBS related FAQs in section Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) within the Amazon EC2 FAQs as well.

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Check out - they have a feature for doing automated backups.

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I am one of the developer of Bucket Explorer, it is amazon s3 tool. Bucket Explorer upload only updated or new files on Amazon s3 bucket. It does not upload identical files on s3. So when whenever you upload/download it will upload/download only new or updated data.

Bucket Explorer

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