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I've been using the Ebay SDK in my Maven project but have run into an issue and now I need to include the Ebay SDK sources in my project so that I can see what's happening inside the library. I've included the source libraries as Maven dependencies but when debugging I can still not step into the library.

Anybody have any thoughts as to what I could do?


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In Netbeans, in Projects window, your project/dependencies node, right clic on the librairy node you want ; you have "Download sources" choice. Do that.

And you can see these sources and go into during debug.

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If you are struggling to do this behind a proxy, in the 'Advanced Proxy Options' unclick 'Use the same proxy settings for all protocols' netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=211387 –  rjdkolb Nov 27 at 8:43

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