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I have a view which shows data on crystal reports where I have fields like tariff,rental,shares,gross and net.My problem is if someone changes the tariff in database it would show 2 rows of the same record with different tariff which is normal behavior from database point of view but I want to suppress the field of monthly rental to 0 if the same id has different tariff or the rental is repeated in new record.

ID  Tariff  Rental
1    20       390
1    15       390

I want the field of Rental on reports to be suppressed if duplicates based on id.Currently I have used this formula in crystal report to check previous field data and suppress if duplicate.


It is working fine but if the id is not same and the rental is repeated then also it will suppress which I don't want.I want it to suppress only for same id.

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You have to write the formula into field suppress. (No need on suppress if duplicated)

On Rental Field {ID} = previous({ID}) and {rental} = previous({rental})

If ID and Rental are same then only the Report will suppress Rental.

I guess this will work for you.

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Put this in suppress formula of field to hide.

if {myTable.ID} = previous({myTable.ID}) then true else false

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I had to make a slight change to the formula in the solution by Janarthanan by adding parenthesis to make it work with Crystal XI.

I used:

{ID}=previous({ID}) and {rental}=previous({rental})

this formatting variation, which is presented in the edited question, helped me to solve a similar problem.

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