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I am trying to find records where a specified property is not empty or blank. Since it is a string it is not nil in the database.

Post.where(:sourceurl != '')

The above seems like it should work but I still get records returned where the source_url property is empty. What is the proper way to do this?

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try this

Post.where("sourceurl <> ''")
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@steel please read the question...the question is for string...for integer you can use Post.where("sourceurl is not null") –  abhas Mar 27 at 5:18
Seems to not work postgres ..i posted what worked for me anyway! –  Abs Sep 19 at 2:44

If that field is NULL by default in your database, I think the better way to resolve it to use plain SQL:

Post.where("sourceurl is not null")
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The reason your code doesn't work is that your parameter to #where is

:sourceurl != ''

which evaluates to true, as :sourceurl (the symbol) is not equal to '' (an empty string). Thus your code is the same as


To elaborate on abhas's answer, both MySQL and PostgreSQL will accept != and <> as equivalent.

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Rails 4

Active Record condition:

where.not(value: '')


scope :myscope, -> { where.not(value: '') }
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