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Which approach do you all think is better?

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Next to each field, highlighting each field in a distinctive color or with an easily distinguishable mark, so it's self evident where the problems are, especially on a long form. Also place a help icon next to each failure providing more information in case it's needed by some users. In addition, do not forget to preserve the data that's correct in between failures.

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I put a summary of the errors at the top of the form that gives details as to why a field value is incorrect such as "Field1 is Required and must be an integer". I also add visual indicators on the field that errored, typically an asterisk next to the field or changing the color of the input area.

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It will always depend on the situation, but...

I prefer to do a non-obtrusive indicator (* perhaps) beside each field and show more detailed messages or a summary message at the top (or bottom) of the form with longer forms.

If the form is shorter, you can probably get away without providing a "summary". I changed my mind on this, you should probably provide a summary.

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Identifying the field with an error is important, definitely. However, a summary at the top letting the user know that there are errors below can be helpful for a long form. Additionally, you can put more details in the top summary section that you might not have room for below.

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We supply a small indicator next to each field with an error. When you roll over the indicator a tool tip gives you what needs to be fixed. We then also give a summary at the smae time so they can see all of the errors they need to fix.

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