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I need to upload multiple files to a server using the curl command line utility. for a single file I have no problem using:

curl -F "image=@file1.gif"   http://localhost:8888/web/Upload.php

how would I do this with more than one file so that the php variable $_FILES["image"]["error"] would return an array?

I've tried

curl -F "image=@file1.gif" -F "image=@file2.gif"  http://localhost:8888/web/Upload.php
curl -F "image=@file1.gif,image=@file2.gif"  http://localhost:8888/web/Upload.php

but these are a stab in the dark.

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The trick is to name the file uploading parameters unique.

curl -F "image=@file1.gif" -F "image2=@file2.gif"  http://localhost:8888/web/Upload.php

This will show up in the $_FILES superglobal as $_FILES['image'] and $_FILES['image2'].

To make the files grouped under one $_FILES index you need to name the parameters as arrays:

curl -F "image[]=@file1.gif" -F "image[]=@file2.gif"  http://localhost:8888/web/Upload.php
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Actually I'd seen the following page which showed you could upload as an array pictures[]["error"]. i was wondering if that was possible from curl – sapatos Jul 23 '12 at 11:34
this is just for testing a web service which will be used by an iphone app. it will load a numer of images at once – sapatos Jul 23 '12 at 11:35
Oh, that can be achieved witch curl if you name the params as arrays. Updated example. – complex857 Jul 23 '12 at 13:03

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