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I got a view with the following code:

<%= form_for(@stock,:url=>{:action=>"buyback"},:html=>{:class=>"form-horizontal"}) do |f| %>

My routes.rb file shows:

post '/stocks/buyback'

When I click the submit button of the form, it does not trigger the method buyback of the controller but instead update.

The log file shows:

Started PUT "/stocks/buyback" for at 2012-07-22 19:46:07 +0800
Processing by StocksController#update as HTML

Its triggering the controller method Update instead of buyback. Why?

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try this

<%= form_for(@stock,:url=>{:action=>"buyback"},:method => :post, :html=>{:class=>"form-horizontal"}) do |f| %>
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Works like a charm. Thanks. – Kumala Jul 22 '12 at 12:09

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