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We work on 20+ year old code and the team is adopting agile practices. Getting to done in a sprint is a challenge. What do you use as your yardstick? What paths have you taken to get where you are?

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If you're having trouble finishing stories in a sprint, one of a few things is happening.

  • Your sprint is too short
  • Your stories are too big.
  • The team is spread across too many stories

If your sprint is only 1 week long, I'd definitely consider moving that up to 2 weeks.
Look for ways to split stories into smaller pieces that still deliver functionality to the user.
If you find you have more than 2 stories open per developer at once, try doing anything you can to finish those first stories before moving on to new ones - even if it feels less efficient. There is a definite cost to having your developers spread too thin.

As far as working on 20+ year old code, could you describe any specific challenges this is bringing? Is the team unfamiliar with the code base, is there no automated testing, etc.

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What exactly is the requirement? Are you fixing bugs with the legacy code? Are you adding more functionalities? Are you migratingng the code?

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