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I want to read a maven variable for configure a build plugin from a properties file. It's not needed in and further project files e.g. context files.

1) made a profile (it works, can use mvn ... -P private)


2) created the filter file with this content (it works) foo.path=/home/foo/path

3) try to configure the plugin (does not work)

     <!--<fooPath>home/foo/path></fooPath> that works -->
     <fooPath>${foo.path}</fooPath> <!--works not -->

Thx a lot

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The name of your property is 'env' but you don't use env anywhere in your configuration.

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env is for profile: mvn -P private or further mvn -P default. The filter file is called filter-private.properties. It's ok, I can start the several profiles. –  Sammy_Oliv Jul 22 '12 at 12:47

When Maven docs mention "filter files" they usually mean a file used when processing resources (i.e. copying resources from /src/main/resources to target/classes). As far as I know the properties in those files aren't used for plugin configuration out-of-the-box. I have used the Codehaus properties-maven-plugin:read-project-properties goal do do what you are attempting. Make sure you bind the goal to the lifecycle before any plugins that need the properties for config.

Also, see this answer; you may load properties used to configure other plugins, but not to configure core Maven project elements.

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