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Actually I have 2 different questions regarding the stcmd co with -vl flag:

1) when using stcmd co without -vl flag, the file is being checked out only at the first time. If I run it again the file is being skipped. BUT when adding the -vl flag to the stcmd co command, the file is being checked out at each and every run. How can I avoid it? (I tried to run -f NCO but then when using different label the file was not checked out as well.)
2) I had 1 file with 2 revisions, after I checked out the file by label of the first revision using stcmd co and then tried to run stcmd co without any label specified in order to get latest version, I got message that the file is modified therefor it hasn't been checkout. Since I want to get only the changed files I want to avoid the -force option. Any other way to force the file to be checked out?


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Three things needs to be changed:

  1. Checkout by Config-label, not by View-Label - use -cfgl LABELNAME instead of -vl LABELNAME
    this will correctly identify the status of your local files in comparison to the given label.

  2. Use a filter to check-out only files that needs to be checked-out:
    -filter MGIOU
    (this means: All files, except those that are 'Current')

  3. Do use force (the -o flag) to make sure the filter works as intended.

To sum it up, the command should look like this:

stcmd co -p "user:pwd@host:port/MyProject/MyView/"  ...  -o  -filter MGIOU  -cfgl  "MY_LABEL"  ...
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