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I'm using C# replace text in a string but failing when the text is at the end of line.

string filepent = filehex.Replace(",,,,,\r\n", ",EMPTY,EMPTY,EMPTY,EMPTY,EMPTY"); 

I am loading a txt file into a filestream and then converting to a string. I want to replace a anywhere where it says ",,,,," at the end of a line. Currently the code above only changes it at the end of the file. At the end of a line where it should change it my hex editor says there is .. or 0D 0A


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C has no datatype named string, and C++'s std::string has no member function Replace(). It would be hard for people to help you use some API they've never heard of! Can you edit your question to clarify somewhat what language you're using, and what string type we're talking about? –  Ernest Friedman-Hill Jul 22 '12 at 13:09
Looks like you are handling the file as one line of text. The solution: split the file in array of lines (or read it line by line), and then apply the replace function on each line separately. I could be wrong though, im not c# guy. nor do i understand your code what it actually does, so use my comment with precaution. –  Rookie Jul 22 '12 at 13:16

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I'd be tempted to instead split the file using File.ReadAllLines, make the replacement, then join them back together. Maybe not the most performant, but clearly expresses your goal. Something like:

string matchPattern = ",,,,,$"; // $ to match the end of the line.
string replacement = ",EMPTY,EMPTY,EMPTY,EMPTY,EMPTY";
string filepent = String.Join(
    Environment.NewLine, // or maybe just "\r\n"
        .Select(line => Regex.Replace(line, matchPattern, replacement))); 
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If you're writing the modified string to a file, you don't need to join it manually, you can instead use File.WriteAllLines(). –  svick Jul 22 '12 at 14:04

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