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I'm making a website in drupal 7 and need some help.

I created a content type called Itenary where user will upload information and five images. The images I have taken as Image1, Image2.... Image5 as fields of type image pf the itenary content type.

Now I wish to show these images as simple slideshow of the node that is currently being seen

So I go to the views module -> add new view Now when I had tried this before, I had selected

Show content of type itenary

And it didn't work as I hoped.

So this time, I chose

Show File of type Image

I hope this is the right option for my need. Then I went to create a block, gave it a name.

Now my dilema is how do I bring those fields of Image1 Image2 .. Image5 into this block ? The fields it shows by default are related to files and not the field of my content type.

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Try a different approach to display images in a slideshow: Views Slideshow.

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