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I'm developing an alternative home application which fits on one screen. Currently I have one activity ,which has the height and width of the phone screen,in which I try to set default wallpaper as background.

I use this code to do this:


The problem is that it stretch the wallpaper to make it fit in one screen, so my wallpaper becomes completely flattened.

I found a workaround to avoid this, I extends drawable class and overide the method setBounds in order to avoid the stretching. But by doing this, I only see the left top corner of my wallpaper. So I would like to center it.

How can I do that ? Am I on the right way to do it ?

I have seen some methods in WallpaperManager class to move wallpaper :

setWallpaperOffsetSteps(float xStep, float yStep) 


setWallpaperOffsets (IBinder windowToken, float xOffset, float yOffset)

But I don't find any sample of code on how to use IBinder parameters, can it be usefull on my case ?

Thx in advance.

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